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Managed Security

Utilize Risk Insights expert analysts and sophisticated technology to continuously monitor the security of your networks, hosts and applications.

Today’s sophisticated threats use too many attack vectors for point security solutions to be effective. Defending against cyber threats requires a new mindset in information security defense. Our managed security service provides customers with effective multiple of security technology and processes to detect attacks against networks, hosts and applications within their environment.

The center of Risk Insights managed security capability is our data aggregation strategy, which pulls in customer specific security data across a multitude of sources, including:

  • Customer application logs (web server and DB)
  • On-premise network intrusion detection equipment
  • Host operating system logs
  • Network vulnerability information
  • Intellectual property leak detection feeds

This data is aggregated, parsed and analyzed within Risk Insights cloud based security center. Our security center consists of specialized, big-data security software that is able to parse millions of security messages with sub-second response times. Our analysts monitor the Security Center on a 24×7 basis and proactively alert customers with actionable security incident notification and triage recommendations.

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