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Penetration Testing

Understand security weaknesses before an attacker does. Use Risk Insights security analysts to give you an in-depth view of your security and be better prepared for future attacks.

Risk Insights penetration testing service is designed to go above and beyond the scope of traditional vulnerability assessments. In a penetration test, Risk Insights personnel use specialized tools and techniques in an attempt to simulate a compromise of the customers environment. Our engineers have deep expertise in the area of performing penetration testing and have performed penetration tests against systems within the healthcare, financial and government sectors.

Application Penetration Testing
The goals of Risk Insights application penetration testing service are to identify application specific vulnerabilities on the customers system and to provide specific mitigation recommendations for any identified issues.

Social Engineering
The goal of Risk Insights social engineering service is to gain unauthorized access to our customers sensitive data through intra-personal techniques such as: persuasion and impersonation. Social engineering assessments are often a valuable tool for gauging the organizations personnel security effectiveness.

Network Penetration Testing
The goal of Risk Insights network penetration testing service is to perform a broad assessment of the clients network to expose security vulnerabilities on commercial platforms. Once identified, security vulnerabilities are then analyzed to determine how deep an attacker could go into the customers environment.

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